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Olive Secondary Boys & Girls Schools Assessment Schedule:

Internal Assessments:

Teacher based (Year 7-11)

Term 1B

29th October - 2nd November 2018


Term 2A

28th January - 1st February 2019


Term 3A

23rd April - 26th April 2019


School Assessments (Led by Assessment Manager)

Term 1B

3rd December - 7th December 2018


Term 2B

(Year 10 will only take Biology & Citizenship Assessments)

25th March - 29th March 2019


Term 3B


17th June - 21st June 2019

External Examinations

Examination timetable coming soon.

For further information on internal or external examinations, contact the designated Assessment Managers. 

Olive Secondary Boys School: Dr Mahbub Khan 01274 725005) 

Olive Secondary Girls School: Ms Nadia Sahaf (01274 725013) 


Olive Secondary Schools are currently Enrolling students for the Academic Year 2019-20. Download an application form here.

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