Work Experience

Work experience

Olive Secondary School expect pupils to undertake some form of work experience during Year 10  so that young people can learn ‘about’ work, ‘for’ work and ‘through’ work. To a large extent the purpose of work experience is simply to give young people a chance to find out what it’s like to be employed so the type of job you try is not meant to be a career choice as such. However, lots of people use the opportunity to have a go at something they are interested in and even if they find out it’s not exactly their cup of tea it can provide a great opportunity to try something new and different and see what you find out about yourself in the process!

Most placements are arranged around Easter term in Year 10.  To avoid disruption to timetabled learning, the length of time is one week.

Olive Secondary School is supported by the local Education in Partnership with Xperience.  The enhanced curricular manager will inform you about arrangements for work experience.

The aim of work experience is to provide an experience of work, rather than just to try a particular job – though that can be included. The idea is that you should have the opportunity to develop your transferable skills and, if possible, to put some of your science and maths skills into practice, or observe others using theirs.

There will probably be lists of placements you can choose from and it is a good idea to have a few alternatives in case your first option is not available;

Before you begin your placement, all students will be given permission letters, only once parental permission is given we can start looking for the students placement. All students will be allocated a Teacher who will be able to listen to their experience and help them deal with any difficulties or opportunities that arise.

Once the students have completed their work experience, they will be rewarded with a certificate, either Pass, merit or distinction resembling their performance at the placement.

Performance will be measured through the following:

·         How well did you communicate with people, both inside and outside the organisation?

·         What resources did you use to find information to carry out your work? Were they realistic?

·         Did you initiate and respond to correspondence?

·         Did you come across any conflict? How did you resolve it?

·         Did everything go to plan? If not, how did you deal with it?

·         How did your placement make you feel? Did you enjoy going into a working environment every day?


·         Finally, summarise your achievements and skills development in a paragraph to use in your CV.


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