School council

Student Council is used in the school to promote achievement of the students in its widest forms in a positive way, from the classroom to the lunch hall and helping out around the school. It is also a way of developing vertical integration in the school to complement the horizontal integration that the form tutor system provides.

The Student Council Consists of:

·         President

·         Deputy

·         Secretary

·         Treasurer

·         Prefects



·        Is the chief spokesperson and officer of the Student Council;
·        Calls meetings;
·        Chairs meetings in a fair manner ensuring that all have an equal say;
·        Has the casting vote if voting is divided equally
·        Signs any letters, notices etc. that are issued by the Student Council;
·        Liaises with school management;
·        Ensures that the Student Council is run effectively and efficiently;
·        Prepares the agenda for each meeting with the Secretary;
·        Signs the minutes from the previous meeting with the Secretary, on acceptance.
Deputy President 
·        Takes over the responsibilities of the chairperson when he/she is not available;
·        Assists the chairperson in the organization of the Student Council;
·        Accompanies the chairperson to meetings when necessary.
The Secretary
·        Prepares the agenda for each meeting with the Chairperson and in consultation with the other officers of the Council;
·        Circulates the agenda to all members in advance of the meeting or at the start of the meeting;
·        Takes minutes at meetings and writes them up;
·        Distributes/reads out minutes from previous meeting and on acceptance, signs them with the Chairperson;
·        Sends out letters and notice of meetings that will be held stating time and place;
·        Ensures that everyone is aware that meetings are being held.
The Treasurer
·        Manages any funds raised by the Student Council;
·        Keeps financial records in order and reports to the Student Council on the current financial status of the group;
·        Makes a brief financial report at every student council meeting;
·        Provides the Council and Board of Management with a complete financial report at the end of the school year.
·        Keep the whole school informed about the activities of the Student Council;
·        Keep notice boards updated;
·        Help produce the Student Council newsletter, if the school has one;
·        Take lots of photographs of Student Council activities to accompany any reports or notices for the board;
·        Promote good communications between the Student Council and students, teachers, school management and parents.


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