Enhanced Curriculum Overview:

At Olive Secondary School, we offer a huge range of opportunities beyond the classroom to all our pupils. Examples of curricular activities are literature, Fundraising, Charity work, Educational visits, Tournaments, Public speaking, various themed days/weeks, visitors and competitions. These areas make a significant contribution to the school and play a huge part in the life of an Olive Secondary School pupil.

Olive secondary School places high value on the place and purpose of educational visits

We believe that every young person should experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal development, whatever their age, ability or circumstance. Olive Secondary School places high value on the place and purpose of educational visits.

At Olive, the pupil’s educational experiences are enhanced through an enriching and purposeful programme of trips and outings. These outings span across a vast range from within the local community to much further afield, covering: shops, parks, stately homes, museums and art galleries etc. All outings are carefully structured to ensure that learning opportunities are relevant to study programmes and add enrichment through motivating and exciting experiences.

A curriculum enhanced through specialist workshops and visitors

All students’ benefit greatly from the hands on learning experiences they encounter throughout the year. Religious Leaders, Nashid artists, councillors, community police, Nurses & Doctors are just a handful of visitors we welcomed last year.

Enrichment days and themed weeks

Opportunities are given for the students to learn cooperatively, to develop respect for others and to become independent learners. School trips, visiting speakers, and themed days/ weeks are scheduled throughout the year and are valuable extensions to the curriculum.

Community Events and literature

All students are encouraged to take part in these social events held by the school. Students deliver quality speeches in both English & Urdu. Students throughout the school grow to be confident and enthusiastic performers and enjoy the opportunities they have to demonstrate their skills during our regular gatherings opened to the community.

Developing Leadership Skills through Enterprise Initiatives:

Students throughout the school have many leadership and business opportunities which helps’ to develop them as young leaders, provides them with real responsibility and supports their spiritual developments and roles as effective citizens of the future.


Many skills and talents are nurtured and fostered through a programme of competitive events which extend beyond sports. Student’s creative efforts are enhanced and celebrated at school. This helps them to develop confidence and belief in their own abilities. Fundraising, School competitions assist in building on key skills and attributes.

Enhanced Curriculum Manager

The definition of Enhanced Curriculum as stated by Ofsted is, “Where young people experience memorable events in their education, they don't just remember the emotion and excitement of the event itself but the learning that went with it."

Olive Secondary School believes that Books alone are not sufficient for students to enjoy their curriculum, therefore a student’s curriculum should not be restricted and they should be given opportunities to enhance themselves.

As statistics have illustrated students learn the best through experience, hence we try our level best to ensure that their curriculum planning is well-structured and that they have been given prospects to show their individual performances and abilities. 

During the academic year we give the students various opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills. We have various themed weeks integrated in the academic terms, which give the students an equal opportunity to show their maximum potential. In these weeks we organise trips, welcome visitors and have fun activities to engage all students. Alongside this we also have the Houses in which we have house competitions and students are given the opportunity to socialise with varied years, this most definitely enhances their leadership and teamwork skills. Currently our student council are involved in various community projects, this gives the students a sense of achievement and belonging to the community.

Despite having all these opportunities, we ensure that exams are not affected, but the approach taken by teachers is more relevant and engaging. 

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