E-safety is seen as an extremely important topic here at Olive Secondary and our mission is to ensure that all our learners are 'electronically safe.’

To make sure you all know and understand what you need to do when it comes to keeping yourself safe when on the Internet (regardless of whether you are at home or school) you will be carrying out lots of different activities doing tutorial time on E-Safety.

Rules for Using our Network

·         I will always log onto the network using my own username and never tell anyone else my password.

·         I will always quit from programs properly and log off the network.

·         I will stick to the task I have been given to do.

·         I will not interfere with anyone else’s work.

·         I will not damage computers or other equipment by abuse or neglect.

·         I will not use others' passwords or work areas.

·         I will only use limited resources such as printers for necessary work.

·         I will not download or attempt to install or run any programs or other software on any school computer.


Rules for Using e-mail and the Internet

·         I will not search for, download, send or display offensive language or pictures.

·         I will report immediately any offensive language or pictures which I see or hear to a member of staff.

·         I will only e-mail people I know or my teacher has approved.

·         I will only send messages which are polite and responsible.

·         I will not give my home address or telephone number or arrange to meet anyone.


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