Mission Statement, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

Our aim is to inculcate and nurture within the students, staff, parents and the wider community the need for;

1-     Being healthy by enjoying physical, mental and spiritual health and living in a healthy environment;

2-     Staying Safe by protecting from harm, mental and spiritual health and living in a healthy environment;

3-     Enjoying and Achieving by getting the most from this life and developing skills for adulthood;

4-     Making a Positive Contribution by being involved with the community and society and not engaging in anti-social or offending behaviour;

5-     Economic Well-Being by not being prevented to achieve their full potential in life due to economic disadvantage. 


At Olive Secondary School we aim to go beyond the norm by recognising and building on the skills, talent and attributes of each person through an enhanced personalised learning plan in a stimulating environment using differentiation, intervention support, and target setting in order to accommodate each individual’s learning needs. We aim to inspire and promote the value of learning and self-worth among students and staff to maximise each individual’s potential in order to ensure that they are adequately equipped to meet the challenges of education, work and life.


Allah, the Almighty;

We value the great favours and blessings which Allah has    bestowed upon us; the safety and peace that he continuously provides. Our body, mind and soul; our families, our society our world and everything it contains is provided by Allah. The good news of eternal Bliss in the next life is another favour which Allah has bestowed upon us. 

On the basis of these values we should:  

·        Be grateful to Allah 

·        Worship Him as He is due 

·        Follow His beloved Messenger in our way of life 

 The Self: 

We value ourselves as unique human beings capable of spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical growth and development. 

On the basis of these values we should:  

·        Develop an understanding of our own characters, strengths and weaknesses. 

·        Develop self-respect and self-discipline. 

·        Clarify the meaning and purpose in our lives and decide, on the basis of this, how we believe that our lives should be lived. 

·        Make responsible use of our talents, rights and opportunities 

·        Strive, throughout life, for knowledge, wisdom and understanding. 

·        Take responsibility, within our capability, for our own life. 


We value others for them not only for what they have or what they can do for us. We value relationships as fundamental to the development and fulfilment of ourselves and others, and to the good of the community. 

On the basis of these values, we should: 

·        Respect others, including children 

·        Show others they are valued 

·        Earn loyalty, trust and confidence 

·        Work cooperatively with others 

·        Respect the privacy and property of others 

·        Resolve disputes peacefully


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