Annual Fees

1st Child                 £2075

2nd Child               £1975

3rd Child                £1875

4th Child               £1775

This can be paid in 3 installments each year, which are:

First Term - £725,

Second Term - £725

Third Term - £625

There will be a £25 discount if the fees are paid in the first week of the payment dates. Later payments will have no discount and will affect your child’s place at the school.

Please note; the above fees do not cover any examinations that will be carried out by the students.  The exam fees will be totalled and notified to parents and guardians through used means of communications nearer to the time.

Late payment of fees will result in a phone call / texts to parents.  Those students whose fees are not paid, will NOT be allowed to attend school until payment has been received.  If they do attend school during this time they will be sent home. This will also affect their place at the school. 


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